Social Media Played a Big Roll in the 2008 Elections

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MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube all played a huge part in Obama’s run for the Democratic nomination.  Obama have effectively use YouTube to get his message out there to young voters and first time voters who are social media junkies. Then of course you can make Obama your friend on MySpace or Facebook and follow his message and his campaign via your social media pool.

But Barack didn’t stop there he also launched which is a social network all about Barack Obama and his message of change. On there you can make friends, donate, volunteer, and support the cause. It’s a wonderful site and gives you all the information that you need to be actively engaged in this election.

It was very smart for all those running for office to participate in social media. Young people are not watching TV any more. We are all online reading blogs, watching YouTube, and connecting via MySpace and Facebook. Also check out the widget that’s on top of this page that I created to count down Super Tuesday.


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