Super Tuesday Wrap-Up: Clinton/Obama ’08?

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As Super Tuesday draws to a close Obama and Clinton are still neck and neck. The polls just closed in California and it’s to early to call who will win Cali. Obama is still in it to win it and so is Hilliary. Obama will pick up a lot of delegate from Super Tuesday and this was the game plan. For a relatively unknown Senator from Chi town to have gone up against the powerful and multi-millionaire family of the Clintons he has done well.

Now it’s time to start looking at the Super Delegates. There are still 800 Super Delegates up for grabs. These are unpledged delegates that are awarded via elected officeholder and party officials. So Hilliary and Obama will continue on. There is still no clear winner for the Democrats while McCain will win the full support of the Republican Party.

There is now talk of a Hilliary/Obama ticket. And I think if they are both smart and really want in the office they will each put their differences aside and work together.

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