Talib Kweli Supports Barack Obama via Open Letter

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Hip-hop star Talib Kweli has posted a letter showing his support for Barack Obama . In the letter he stats how happy he is that the Bush administration is finally over.

Here is an excerpt:

It is the last year of the Bush Administration and thank God. I usually rail against being described as simply “political rapper,” and I haven’t voted since Bill Clinton first ran for president. I was following the tradition that black Americans have had of voting for Democrats since we got the right in 1964 (temporarily). Then, Clinton, as president’s go, seemed better than Bush Sr., but I did not like his policies in Sudan or the constant bombing of Iraq. I also did not like the way our government dragged us through the Lewinsky Scandal. I felt betrayed by the system, and I stopped voting, no longer accepting of the lesser of two evils.

Click here to read the full letter.

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