The Sheila Files: Angry Las Vegas 40/40 Club Workers Tell All to TMZ

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All is still not well with the 40/40 Club in Las Vegas. The club opened on Dec. 30th with a lavish and celebrity packed party. But since then more then 100 employees of the club have either been fired or have quit. And in a town like Vegas finding a night club to work in is pretty easy. But angry employees have been using MySpace and TMZ to let the public know about the working conditions. “As with all new businesses, you find out in your first few days of operations what staffing levels are needed,” said Ramon Mata, 40/40 Club Manager. “We adjusted accordingly and followed all rules and regulations in terms of employees that were let go.” In addition to all this drama 55 our of the 90 security personnel have been fired since opening. So what’s going on Jay-Z? Time to get your business in order.

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