The Return of Sean John to Fashion Week

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I skipped over the Sean John show cause I had to take a moment to really look at it and see what was going on. Sean John hasn’t been in the tents at Bryant Park for a good while now and I wanted to give the line the attention it deserves. With that being said, the Fall 2008 collection is a hot shitty mess. As much as I am looking for the designer to push urban fashion to a new level, Sean John is not it. The Fall 2008 collect has lost all traces of street and gone for fine tailoring, lines, feathers, and fluff. It was just completely all wrong while Kimora Lee is able to keep a trace of street within her collections Sean John has lost it all. In Diddy’s quest to be the next Ralph Lauren he’s let his collection get out of control. They show needed serious editing. A lot of the looks I would hove now allowed on the runway. There was just something missing in this show. The cuts of the jackets seem off. The mixture of elements didn’t work. This is a line done more for editorial then for getting the Sean John clothing line back in the fore front.

The designers need to remember that Sean John is a mens line. This short sweater used to give a layered look is just down right ugly.


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