Janet Jackson Returning to MTV?

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Recently, Janet Jackson launched a blog on her website giving fans updates about the new album. Janet is also planning to take over Times Square during the week of her album launch and has posted a photo of a location in Times Square. Well from looking at the picture it can only be one place…MTV/TRL. Which means that Janet and the MTV executives must have made up and want Janet back on MTV.

As you know MTV and Janet haven’t been friends since the Nipplegate incident in 2004. Even though Justin Timberlake has been welcome to MTV many many many times. Janet has not been invited to MTV/TRL in 3 years. I think MTV needs to give her an on air personal apology before stepping foot onto the TRL set. Allowing Justin to bee on TRL and punishing Janet was wrong. So Janet if you are reading this do not go on MTV/TRL unless they are kissing your ass and giving you $1 million.

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  • Josh
    August 12, 2008

    janet jackson and mass media always went well. A good mix. At least one of the Jacksons is doing well in that department.

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