No More Album/Movies Reviews in 2008 and Beyond

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Album/Movie reviews are dead. There was a time when people didn’t have a wide range of access to music like we do today. You couldn’t go online to hear the latest examples of music from your favorite artist. There was a time when we needed a middle man to tell us what was good and what was bad. But many of us didn’t know that these middle men usually where treaded to lavish trips to exotic locations. I’ve been on several of these trips myself with artist to know. But now the times are different. We do not need to be told anymore what’s hot and what’s not. With iTunes and we can hear samples and judge for ourselves. We don’t need an over paid writer to tell us what is good. We can decide for ourselves.

Like for example the movie “Atonement.” I read the reviews and all the critics said it was the best movie of 2007. I love movies like that and I had to go see it. But what the critics said and what I saw where two different things. I hated the movie! I was a case of over hype and Oscar buzz and me out of $10.50 on a wack movie. So in 2008 I think the magazines and websites can save money and boot out Album/Movies reviews. They are pointless and often wrong at this point.

Instead I want to hear the real voices of real people. I don’t want the opinion of a paid writer. I want to know what the real people thing about an album or a movie.

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