How can Hillary Get Back into the Game?

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GG fully supports Barack Obama for President. But in all fairness Hillary or as I like to call her “Hills” has done a lot of good things for the country. So to give her a fair change to get back into the game here is what she needs to do. We have devised a 3 point plan in which she could get herself back into the public eye.

1. Get the Gays – Hills need some style help. She looks like a man. Her outfits and hair are all wrong. She should go out and get some fashionable gays like William Sledd who can help her get her fashion together. She needs a complete make over and re-invention of her look and character.

2. Cut Her Balls Off – Hill’s is trying to much to be like a dude. She needs to be softer. She can be powerful but at the same time a woman. I would suggest that she watch movies about ladies who where graceful and had style. I would suggest anything with Gretta Garbo.

3. The Re-Invention Tour – Hill’s has the worst campaign slogan ever. “Help Make Histroy”. This is all wrong because it makes the campaign all about her and not about the people. The slogan is like “hey guys help me win so my name can go down in history as the first woman President.” It’s a wrong move! She needs to ditch that idea and go with some thing like “Mother of the People” or “Caring for America” then she needs to go on the road with that message and get it out to the people.

Final thought: Hills you are not inspiring America to do better or be better. You have to excite this short attention span generation into moving forward.

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