The Sheila Files: Andre 3000 Launches Benjamin Bixby Clothing Line

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Andre 3000, the Yeah Ya member of OutKast, is now in the fashion business by himself. He has just launched his own clothing line called “Benjamin Bixby.” The line consists of 70 pieces of prep wear, fedora hats,  waistcost, and sweatshirts. Andre describes the style has “rebal gentleman.” Andre told NY mag, “There has to be something inventive about it. But not so inventive that it’s a turnoff. So that some of the greats, like Beau Brummell or the Duke of Windsor, would nod and say, ‘Well done’.”

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  • sara
    February 28, 2008

    yo i cant wait i love the way andre 3000 dresses and i want the clothing line to be like the style he wears.

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