Will Apple Mess Up the Fun of the iPhone/Touch with the SDK

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I got my 16GB iPod Touch a few months ago. It was a rather boring device until I discovered the world of jailbreak. If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone then you need to jailbreak it to experience all of the good fun. Jailbreak offers a ton of games, applications, and useful tools to make the iPod Touch not a worth hunky of junk. But now Apple is coming out with the SDK (software development kit) and that could mean that Apple might just suck all the fun out of the jailbreaking community and force users to BUY apps directly from iTunes. Yes just like that $20 upgrade for apps for the iPod Touch you could be paying to have more applications on your iPod Touch.

Apple has plans to let software developers go nuts with the SDk. But as we all know Apple is all about control. From only being able to use your iPod with iTunes and not supporting other audio formats the iPod is the most restricted mp3 player on the market. Steve Jobs and the crew will more then likely hand pick which apps get put on iTunes and what users can do. Could we see the end of Jailbreaking all together allowing Apple to have complete control on what’s done?

I want Apple to allow the iPod Touch to be an open platform and allow developers the ability to go nuts and give us all the cool fun stuff. It’s the only way to keep the iPod Touch interesting otherwise its a overpriced touch screen device.


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