Ashley Alexandra Dupre : The Most Famous MySpace Profile of All Time

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She’s a singer, a dancer, a future R&B star..who is she? She’s Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka “Kristen” aka Eliot Spiterz’s Lady Love for Cash. This chick was living in a $5000 a month apartment in NYC. She was PAID! But homegirl had a hard life. Her top MySpace friends are: Amy Winehouse, Whitney, Madonna, Mary J. Blige, and Celine Dion.

You never know this could jump her music career off in a big way. She doesn’t sound that bad actually. She only has 1805 friends but after today she might have a whole bunch of new friends. Looks like most of the people leaving her comments are support of what she is going though and are wishing her well. So Ashley take the lemons and make lemon-ade and have a good one. 😉

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  • Vinyl%20Siding
    March 13, 2008

    She is a very attractive woman. No wonder she had such a high price tag!

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