The Sheila Files: Bishop Thomas Weeks Pleads Guilty to Attacking Juanita Bynum

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Well well well..after all that big talk that he didn’t do anything, Bishop Thomas Weeks has come clean. He has fully confessed to attacking his wife and has issued a public apology. I want to apologize to my wife for all actions you had to go through,” Weeks said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper. “I know it has been difficult. I appreciate you and I thank you.” Weeks admitted to the police that he hit, pushed, and kicked Juanita Bynum.

But Weeks is getting off very lightly with a sentence of Community Service and anger management classes. Once he has done that the charges will be remove from his record. But Juanita Bynum had asked the court to be kind with his punishment and that she want the Lord to take care of the matter after this is over. Jaunita you are a STRONG woman. Other women would have thrown his ass under the bus.

  • Tanya
    March 14, 2008

    We as Christians need to learn to pray….keep our mouths off the man and woman of God. They are both human and no better than any other person. People get it confused that since they have a TITLE of Bishop, Prophetess, Evangelist or whatever that they can’t fall like the next person. Bishop Weeks is like most men – I will not say all. Yes the man needs help and I pray that the Lord meets him where he is to burn out everything that contrary to God…but on the other hand – NO ONE really knows what happened that night….he could have been provoked, granted there is NO REASON what so ever to hit a woman but if a man walks away from you – it’s for a reason. Been there dont that – just got out of an abusive relationship… I’m speaking from experience. Let’s just pray saints and stop pointing the finger. NO ONE knows what happened that night or before that night that lead to that…..only THOMAS WEEKS and JUANITA BYNUM….those who KNOW the power of prayer – cover them as we should. Be Blessed.

  • Herb
    February 11, 2009

    at least he admitted it. Sometimes attackers wont admit to anything even if years go by after.

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