Rumor: Nas and Kelis Split? Kelis Caught Cheating with Another WOMAN?!?!?

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A rumor was going around last week that Nas and Kelis had split. Now a new rumor has hit saying they Nas has left Kelis and that Kelis was caught in bed. The rumor goes on to say that Kelis is sleeping with the girl from X-men, Dania Ramirez. WE don’t believe this rumor is true at all. But if you have any more news then hit the comments section.

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  • darrenkeith
    March 13, 2008

    and this is a surprise?

    March 14, 2008

    Wow the God MC didnt join in, DAMM!!! I would have asked if any of them needed help!!

  • fred
    March 18, 2008

    i would have jumped in that yo! if i was nas i would make us all one big happy family real talk!dania would get it 2!

  • piworkshop
    May 22, 2008

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