Res and Talib Kweli Form “Idle Warship”

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I love me some Res. Her album, “How I Do,” was one of the best albums EVER to come out for the edgy hip-rock head like me. But after her album was done she fell off the scene. Too edgy to exist in a world of video hoe’s with no good music to call their own. So fast forward to SXSW where Res and Talib Kweli have decided to team up and form a group called Idle Warship. They look and sound VERY much like J. Davey.’s Chuck Creekmur sent out a note about the group and then another friend today sent me a link to their MySpace where they have about 6 tracks posted. Nothing to mind blowing with their music…it kinda actually sucks. But hey you might like it..I don’t.


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  • martine
    March 19, 2008

    shut up! they formed a group? wow ima hit up their myspace. unfortunately i dont think they are gonna make it too far, there rnt 2 many supporters of real hip hop

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