The Liquid Octagon Experience: Urban Liquor Convention

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I’m so totally going to have to go to this event. I just seems to good to pass up.

Press Release:
The Liquid Octagon Experience will be the first convention of its kind to marry the alcohol and beverage industry with the urban community.

The Liquid Octagon Experience’s goal is to aid the liquor and spirits’ industry in finding new ways to conduct business with the urban market. Established and Up and coming liquid brands recognize the buying power of the urban market. As a result, those brands are constantly searching for the next successful venture for the urban community.

LOe is set to take both the urban and alcohol/beverage markets by storm by linking two multi-million dollar industries and providing them with an exclusive arena to conduct business. LOe strives to craft a lifestyle-influenced environment to bridge the gap between each partnership.

The concept of hosting a party in an arena where people of urban descent, bar managers as well as restaurateurs, could mingle, discover and indulge in different brands, as well as purchase wholesale for their perspective businesses, was a fresh and exciting idea that was concocted with the notion to bring success in two separate industries.

The convention, the first of its kind, is set to be a profitable, exciting and sexy event. Hosted at the Jacob Javits Center on the 22nd and 23rd of June, LOe will hold upwards of 20,000 people comfortably, in an event that will be sure to spark an industry buzz.

The marriage of the alcohol beverage industry with the urban community, will give the Liquid Octagon Experience a ground breaking role in the merger of two industries.

  • Tazz of Queens
    March 18, 2008

    You please let me know more about this event. Me and my team want to go..let us know…

  • martine
    March 19, 2008

    wow! thanks for tellin us b4 hand! we will definitely be hittin up this event, let us know more about this event too! please

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