Alicia Keys Ready for Harpers Bizaar Cover and Mini TV Show

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Alicia Keys is ready to be on the cover of next months Harpers Bazaar. But before she hits the cover she will be on a mini show that happens in between MTV’s “The Hill.” The show is called “Fresh Takes” and is created by Dove. Dove go fresh created the series, which focuses on the ups and downs of three urban 20-somethings.

Check out this clip of the show.

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  • Mike Belgrove
    March 25, 2008

    One of the other bloggers on Highbrid Nation wrote about Alicia Keys and Dove and I’m kinda confused. A soap company hired a R&B singer to star in a drama on MTV that will take place during commercial breaks? WTF? But what do I know, that other writer said it was a good idea so maybe he’s right. Being a 27 year old black man, I don’t think I’m the crowd they are aiming for anyway, lol.

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