Tyra Banks Fears for her Life

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Reports are coming in that Tyra Banks is currently living in fear. Tyra is being stalked by 37 year old Brandy Green. He has sent Tyra hundreds of letters and phone calls since January. Brandy Green was arrested last Tuesday but was let go by a judge. This started when Brandy Green decided he was going to visit Tyra up close. He took the bus from Gublin, GA to NYC and demanded to see Tyra. The police came and took him away but he later returned.

I’m sure Tyra’s security team is at full alert for this man. Several other celebrities have had problems with stalkers and some cased have ended in violence. So I’m sure they will treat this with all seriousness to make sure that Tyra Banks is protected.

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  • (From Africa, Kenya, Catherine
    May 20, 2008

    I am a 25 year old Kenyan, married and with two kids. I got married at 20 after losing my mum two years earlier, 2001 and my dad in 1996. They both died from HIv and AIDS complications. I have wriitten a book titled “Can scars Become Stars?” which is my semi autobiography, I wrote about my ecperiences living in poverty and nursing a positive mum and watching her die only two months after clearing my 0 levels.

    I love Tyra Banks and cannot miss any of her shows. Can we have Tyra Banks Africa? I dream of having such shows in Africa. She is my role model, I love the way she is so real. I would Tyra to purchase a few of my books and maybe call me for an interview, I know its possible.

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