$5 a Month US Musix Tax. Kiss or Diss?

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Warner Music is leading a campaign for a $5 a month music tax on U.S. residents. In turn you would be able to download load music from the internet as much as they want without having to face legal concerns. Good for us bad for iTunes if something like this where to go down. What this really is, is a way for the music industry to say a float and earn about $20 billion a year. Then they will not sure you for download music. The tax will be voluntary and you won’t have to pay it if you don’t want to.

So what do you think about this plan. I don’t think it would be to bad of a thing but there is more then meets the eye with this type of program. Cause it’s not about paying for music it’s about the quality of the product these days. There is not that much music out there I would ever pay for.


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