EZ Street: Meanwhile, Remy Ma Faces 25 Years?

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Remy’s trail reached a verdict and the jury found her guilty of shooting a former friend. She shot her because Rem said she took 3 g’s out her purse. Sidenote: why does she carry 3 g’s in her purse? Any who, her defense saids it was a accident, it didn’t work. She been convicted on four major charges which are 2 counts of 1st degree assault, attempted coercion and criminal Possession of a weapon. Now she can faces 5 to 25 years in jail. Terror Squad members pass and present are not having a good year. Cuban Link keep your head up.

If she has to serve that mcuh time she will surely be forgotten. So she better cut the best record ever or go into the studio now and produce so much music that she can drop 4-5 albums while she is in the slammer.

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