The Sheila Files: New Jack City 2?

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If you where a teenager during the 90’s then you know all about New Jack City. It was one of the best urban crime movies ever made. It starred Westly Snipes as drug loard Neno Brown. Well an asiring screenwriter, who works at a NYC tollbooth is taking the time to craft a sequal to the movie. His name is Michael Martin. He got into the screenwriting business when his car broke down so he decided to enter a screenwriting contest to win the prize money. His script came in second place at the writing contest but someone at Warner Bros. noticed his writing style and contracted him to pen the sequal to New Jack City for a stright to DVD release.

His winning script titled “Brooklyn’s Finest” is about to go into production. Richard Gere and Don Cheadle have signed on to co-star and Antoine Fuqua will direct. Meanwhile, Michael Martin is still crafting the sequal to New Jack City.

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