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I was excited to  see that Kanye West was getting into the online space and building out a travel site. That was until I actually saw what the site looked like. Here is our review of the site and if it is even worth you spending time on.

1. Design = F

This has to be one of the WORST designs of a travel site ever. I mean DAMN dude you couldn’t hire your 13 year old nephew to design the page and a descent eye catching layout. This is not very fashion forward or innovative and it’s very much stuck in web 1.0.

2. Travel Deals = A

So here is the test: I want to go from New York to Las Vegas. And I want a good deal…who does it better or So we entered the dates of 4/4/2008-4/6/2008, 1 adult, leaving anytime.

So returned 2 deals, for that is cheap and the other luxury. So I went with the cheap-o deal, and with with flight and hotel you get about $430.53 round trip. Now I usually stay at the Luxor when I go to Vegas and it quoted me a price of $185 per night, which seems very high. So after I selected my hotel, I picked a flight but noticed that my total had when up to $800.53. Flights leaving out of Neward stated to have not addition fee. Flights leave from LaGuardia which is 20 minutes from my house cost $100 and up additional. So I picked an LaGuardia Flight which added $107.00 more to my bill. So now we are up to $907.53. Then some magical discount happened to my account and brought my trip down to $720.96, thanks magical discount.

So now to book on Orbitz. And what do you know KanyeTravel is cheaper with Orbitz coming in at $879 for the same trip.

3. Activities = C

So now I wanted to see what I could do in Las Vegas. I clicked on Tickets and Attractions. I was hoping that I would get more information and content about shows and deals that might appeal to me as the Hip-Hop traveler. However, you got the basic Cirque Du Soueil-Crap that you always get pushed when you go to Vegas. I would have liked to have seen more reach go into clubs that play Hip-hop, or shows that might be of interest to me.

4. Travel Research = F

There is barely any information about the hotels, shows, and specials. Travelers like me want to research and want info esp. if we are going to spend money. The site could benefit from user reviews.

5. Overall score = D

Nice try Kanye but without more content, a better design, and more to do on your site it’s nothing more then a slightly cheaper travel site. Cheaper is good but in order to get the usage you might want and users away from Orbitz and other sites like it you should really put more effort into the content surrounding the travel. People need to be able to research where they are going and what they are doing. But it kinda looks like Kanye just stuck his name on artwork on a travel site and left it at that.

  • John Alex
    January 18, 2009

    very interesting concept.

  • Travel Social Networking
    August 7, 2009

    Very nice and constructive criticism makes home for improvement. Care to check exploroo. It's a complete travel social networking site.

  • Travel bookmarking
    September 4, 2009

    I kinda disagree with the 'D' grade for overall. As long as, I can get a great deal. I don't really care about design or travel research.

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    December 29, 2013

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