The Sheila Files: Beyonce Waves Wedding Ring

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Jay-Z was recently spotted not wearing a wedding ring. But Beyonce has no shame in her game as she openly waved her rock for everyone to see. Beyonce was spotted waving her wedding ring at a spot on Jay-Z’s “Heart of the City” tour in ATL. It was Monday night that Jay-Z was spotted in Manhattan at his 40/40 Club but people did not see a wedding ring on his finger.

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  • Darnell Ralphael Ellis
    November 6, 2010

    We come to know while we were in reconnaissance school in Marine Corp Training in Camp Pendleton that you do not go crazy over mirrors and images. We know that a mirage is a surrealistic projections of what the mind want someone to see, but if you are truly looking for an oasis in the Trans-saharan slave trade that you do not buy a 2.5 million ring from an Russian Jew, who has being convicted for drug money-laudering with conflict diamonds and selling every rapper and ring to his imans. So it is a “shame on you,” if you let some negotiation of convicts and stars amuse you then we say so be it have fun doing and have a nice day.

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