Screening of Skid Row with Fugee Pras Michel

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Wednesday April 16th, 2008 @ 6pm

What: Screening of Skid Row with Fugee Pras Michel!
When: Wednesday, April 16, 6:00 PM
Meeting fee: USD5.00 per person
Where: 193 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201
Who should come: Everyone. This film will raise so many issues (including violent crimes, drugs, rape, disease, etc) besides the end result of being homeless. As always we are going to meet and mingle before and after the screening.
Why: This will be a great event! I know we always try to ignore the homeless but lets take a look into the lives of men, women and children who are homeless.

Grammy-winning Fugee Pras Michel explores the troubling reality of homelessness by shedding his million dollar duds and living in the five block radius of Los Angeles known as “Skid Row” – an area where poverty runs notoriously rampant. For nine days Michel trades his stardom for the anonymous life of a typical homeless man, struggling to find food and shelter in a bit to better understand the arduous plight of the less fortunate. As the days progress and Michel gradually gets to know the men, women, and children who call the sidewalks their home, tragic and heartfelt stories of survival give a face to the folks who many simply do their best to ignore.

The documentary follows Pras for nine full days as he devolves into a true resident of Skid Row. Narrative tales emerge as Pras befriends several Skid Row regulars and learns of their personal stories and life struggles. Their stories are shocking and heartfelt, touching and disturbing, but many showed a willingness to open up and share their experiences. The film also interviews community members who are key in the fight to save many of the homeless and offer them a better life. Orlando Ward of the Midnight Mission, once homeless and a resident of Skid Row, is a key partner in Pras’ mission. In detailing the conditions of Skid Row, he challenged Pras to “really go there” claiming if he did so, he would ?never look at these people the same way again.? Footage is interjected with strong and sobering statistics such as: In Los Angeles County, African-Americans make up 9% of the total population, and 41% of the homeless population; the crime rate on Skid Row is more than ten times that of Beverly Hills which is a mere 8 miles away; Los Angeles has the highest homeless population in the country, more than double New York.

NY Perks
193 Smith Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
NY Perks
NY Perks offers an extensive drink menu and also serves food.

6 -7:30 – Mix and Mingle
7:30 – Screening

After the film we are going to have a discussion followed by networking. Bring your business cards. Every event is an opportunity to make new contacts.


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