Refocusing Janet Jackson’s Discipline

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Now that Janet is back in good health and ready to go back on the album promotion trail it’s time for IDJ to refocus their efforts on selling this record. After hearing Mariah and Madonna’s album I have to say that Janet by far as the best album out of the trio of divas. But the album hasn’t been selling like hot cakes. To date the album has only sold 550,000 copies world wide.

So what’s the problem? Cause the music doesn’t suck at all. Janet has several hits on ‘Discipline’ but are people still mad at her for the Super Bowl? How come we never hear her on the radio anymore? Is she blacklisted from ClearChannel? We want to know what’s up! Without Janet Britney, Christina, and a whole slew of other girls would not have a core model of success to follow.

It all comes down to MARKETING! And people need to hear this album cause it’s good. It deserves to be a platinum album. So IDJ needs to get on the ball and get the sales of this album back up in order to promote the upcoming tour.

Hell Janet can hire me for free and I will promote the hell out of this record! But IDJ needs to come up with a clear cut strategy and release more videos and get the visuals back. Janet is a VISUAL artist and people need to see her.

  • Aaliyon
    April 22, 2008

    I agree, this album is worth going platnum and is full of prpmised hitz!, not potensial but promised.
    I absolutely do think IDJ needs to release more music videos from this album. Janet is a visual artist, she must be seen in creative music videos, commerials, and stuff like that. What happend to the days like “RHYTHM NATION”, where AM-RECORDS would have her realese 8 entire videos and not only that, they turned the entire project into a Compilation Mini Movie on dvd.
    What happend to the dayz back with her self titled album “JANET.” when she had atleast 6 to 7 entire music videos fro mthat album and they were all hitz!, it seem that eversince the ALL FOR U album, her management or record company only believes in releasing 1 or 2 music videos and completely pulling the plug and calling it a night. This is not the way the music industry should opporate, im dissapointed becuz ZOMBA-Records stood by Ciara, having her release a total of 6 music videos from, her “The Evolution” album, and acording to the billboard charts it wasnt a hot seller, it didnt sell good as planned, but they still made the best of the project and allowed her to get her vision acomplished. So why hasnt Virgin done the same for JANET? and I prey to GOD that ISLAND DEF JAM, dosent plan to do the same, u cant release a hot album and only give 2 promo videos to the public and lick it up then send your atist on tour!, no no no, this is not the way to do things ppl, so im lookin fordward to 4 more music videos maybe 6 if possible from JANET’s Discipline Album.

  • jose
    April 25, 2008

    i totally agree i dont know whats goin on but i think she needs 2 put out way morevideos than whats she’s been doin…..she also needs 2 fire da dude who directed feedback and rock wit u .. im so disappointed in her videos and i luv janet 2 death.. i mean i will eventually luv it regardless becuz it is her wok but she needs 2 get on the ball and act like she wants 2 sell records.. shyt do sum remix videos with sum featured artist i mean do suttin im tired of lookin on billboard seeing her album drop every week.. JANET I LUV U AND U WILL LAWAYS BE NUMBER 1 IN MY HEART BUT I WOULD 2 SEE U NUMBER ONE ON THE CHARTS LOVE YA BABESZ

  • GreasyGuide
    April 25, 2008

    I think the fans should get together and start a Janet marketing campaign and help get the album out as much as possible.

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