Miley Cyrus Topless? Hell to Da Nawww..

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Miley Cyrus is really pushing it and Disney is letting her do whatever she wants as she is starting to test the limits of her sexuality. We all know Miley is the next Britney Spears and is just waiting to pop out from behind the kiddy show Hanna Montana and do sex it up. But at age 15 she needs to sit down and keep her clothes ON. This would not be my daughter at all. $18 mil or not she is way to young to be letting herself get put out there like this.

Say a kid for as long as you can Miley, don’t let the industry try to make you a sex pot at age 15. Leave that kind of mess for Britney.

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  • Jennifer G.
    April 28, 2008

    this is a message to Miley, this is not sexy this is like not pretty. You are pretty just the way you are, you do not need these pictures to be beautiful. Don’t let your little fans down, don’t let the picture people tell you to wear something that we all know and that you know will not look great. No one needs another Britney Spears! And if you take control and not do something that won’t be good in, I guarantee you, that you will be very successful. YOU ARE AN AWESOME SINGER! ITS OK TO BE OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! JUST DON’T GO TO FAR OUT THERE. Those pictures are not that reveling, I am not sure why everyone is saying it is that bad because its not that bad. We all make mistakes, but this will not scar your life. Girl just be careful, and continue with yourself!

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