The Sheila Files: Whitney Houston Not Ready for Comeback

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AS much as fans and supporters of Whitney Houston want to see her back on top, she is not ready. reporters attended a concert with Whitney Houston over the weekend in Tobago and it was a complete hot mess.


Houston, 44, banned photographers and the media from getting within 200
yards of her on Sunday night at the Plymouth Jazz Festival stage. Nervous, no
doubt about the quality of her voice, the ex-Mrs. Brown kept telling the Tobago
audience how happy she was to be in

Unfortunately, she had good reason to be nervous. After such a long time
away from the stage, Houston’s flat, horse and listeless voice was a big
disappointment to those who knew the power she commanded at the height of her

All that said, Houston looked great, decked out in a form-fitting white
gown. And given the fact that this is her first real concert date since her
December 2006 appearance in Malaysia, you gotta give the sister credit for at
least showing up on time for her 30-minute, seven-song

Looks like no one will be breaking Mariah’s 18 number hits record anytime soon. But we do hope that Whitney gets her voice back together and gets that album out.

  • GreasyGuide
    April 29, 2008

    What’s wrong with Whitney Houston? {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”What’s wrong with Whitney Houston? “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

  • Michael
    May 1, 2008

    This is what I believe……Whitney has been through an emotional hurricane. I think a bit of her passion has been chipped away. I watched a few videos from the concert. A few songs I thought she sanck her teeth into like Step by Step however on IWALY….she sang it like she didn’t care to sing. Some may say that it was her voice but I say it was her passion. She needs new material to sing that is RELEVANT to where she is now. Whitney once said that the reason she chose to play the fairy godmother as opposed to Cinderella is because she felt that the point in which she was in her life didn’t fit. That says alot about her needing to feel a project or song. She needs her passion back….But I can tell she is on her way back. She is not back yet….but SHE IS ON HER WAY. When I heard Step by step….that proved it for me. And she looked great. She must give the old songs a rest for a while until then. People must take into consideration that she has been dogged in the pressed, dragged through the mud and kicked when she was down…..Doesn’t do much for self esteem. And she has lost her husband. She has taken a hit. She needs songs that express that mood and I know she will shut it down. Patience. She’s coming back.

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