Anna Wintour, Giselle, Katie Holmes and more at the SuperHeroes: Fashion and Fantasy Gala

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Anna Wintour looks a tranny hot mess in this dress. What is she doing, selling a seashell by the seashore? Where is fashions new hot young Project Runway winner Christian Seriano when you need him?

WOW! Giselle boobies are looking FANTASTIC! Ladies take note.

J. Lo looks like she has had to many plates of beans and rice and is looking to thick in this ugly dress.

Katie Holmes was trying to go for a Wonder Woman look but it totally doesn’t work.

Iman shows you how to really wear red on the red carpet.

Kamora Lee…what in the world happened here? This is a fashion nightmare!

The pink and this hair just do not work on Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

The Beckhams turn it out. But Victoria looks a little old in this outfit.

The Olsen Twins win the Ultra Tranny Hot Mess awards. Don’t let your friends look like this.


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