189 Delegates Left for Obama! Time for Clinton to Gracefully Fall Back

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After Obama’s land slide win over Hilliary Clinton in North Carolina and a split decision in Indiana, Obama is currently 189 delegates away from capturing the Democratic nomination. Hilliary Clinton will have to pick up 344 delegates at this point in order to win and it just doesn’t look like she has enough steam and money left to make that move. Superdelegates have started switching their support to Obama and with only 6 primaries left Hilliry would have to win them all by a landslide to even come close to Obama.

Hilliary has had a good run and we congradulate her on her wins. But as analyst have said that if this goes all the way to the Denver Democratic convention then John McCain will surely win the White House come November. Hilliary needs to do the math and let the Democrats start campaigning for the White House. The longer this is drawn out the more the whole Democratic party will be hurt. It’s time to end this and end it NOW. If Hilliary Clinton is really about putting a Democrat in the White House then she should drop out and let Obama run for office.

It’s time for this to be over and we as Democrats need to send a message to Hilliary that it’s time for this to be done. It’s time to stand down and let us fully campaign for the White House. We can not waste anymore time.


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