The Greasy Guide to Urban Blogging: Marketing 101

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Starting next week we will continue our urban blogging series with a new series all about marketing. When I’m not blogging I work for Zezza Network as the Director of Social Media Marketing. I start while I was working at I was the Broadband Media Manager for for 5 years then moved on to where I was the Director of Community Development.

But now with Zezza Network’s I’m doing EXACTLY what I want to do in the online space. I’ll show you guys what I’ve been working on at Zezza next week when we launch a huge campaign that going to change the way marketing and pr people do marketing and pr. I’m really excited to get this off the ground.

But one of the focuses of moving forward will be to provide more education on the world of social media and blogging. We will still bring you the greasy gossip you love but we will officially move into the How To space for the urban community. This has always been the goal of the site and one of the reason we decided to launch as a blog and not go for the traditional book series as we had first intended.

So stay tuned for next week’s urban marketing lessons and also watch out for the companion video series hitting YouTube soon.

But if you missed the first series then you can start here:

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