Beyonce and the House of Dereon Needs New Help

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Everyone has been talking about the House of Dereon kids collection. From this picture above you can tell that you will be dressing your little girl up like a mini Pussy Cat Doll. But what Beyonce doesn’t realize that that the House of Dereon is a compete and utter fugly mess of design. I live in Harlem and I’ve only seen maybe one or two girls rock Dereon, EVER.

So now is the time for Beyonce to revamp the full design of the collection and start again. Not everyone gets it right the first time but DAMN she is really getting it wrong this time. Sorry B’ but it’s time to fire your mother.

  • Shaee
    May 19, 2008

    I am so in agreement with the comment made by the person from Harlem. I don’t know what parent would want their little daughter wearing MESS like that. I have much love for “B” but Girl…what were you thinking?????
    Please Re-Think it…Re-Think it…Re-Think it!!!!!!!
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  • TakeResponsibility
    May 25, 2008

    Apparently daddy Knowles (as in Beyonce) has decided that since she has married a pimp then he probably won’t have much control over her anymore, so the next best thing is to turn out all little girls so that they want to look like daddy’s first prostitute. The following is my comment made on another blog:

    “. . . Beyonce just got married; I’m sure in a very short time she will be to emotionally screwed up (being that she’s now married to a pimp) to think of ways to make babies look like whores.

    Basically she was and is pimped out by her parents (and now her husband) and she clearly doesn’t know any better — because this has been her way of life — all her life, but she will soon learn.

    And mommy, is so caught up in competing with her daughter, by trying to look 24 herself that she clearly is irrational. I would imagine that the guilt of prostituting her daughter messes with her psyche. So in a sick convoluted way if she gets other “innocents” into the look of whoredom then it would somehow mean that what she has done to her own child is normal.

    You know the concept; an addict wants to turn you into an addict, a drunk wants you to be drunk too — otherwise when they look at you, you remind them of what they are doing to themselves.

    Besides, Beyonce may have a big ass, but she is not the sharpest tool in the toolbox, and neither is mommy. Basically they have both been pimped out by daddy — of which no one sees very often, I’m sure it’s because he doesn’t want it to look like he’s the family pimp.

    And when Beyonce’s big ass drops she too will be trapped in a holding pattern and spend the rest of her life trying to look 24 years old just like mommy. Unfortunately, in the mean time they will continue to pimp the babies – to ensure that their dynasty continues – just like the cigarette cartel, the drug cartel, the prostitution rings and so forth and so on . . . .”

    But in all fairness to the Knowles family, it would stand to reason that if before the launching of the “Bootylicious Kids” campaign you did not have a problem with the very way Beyonce carries herself and you allowed your precious little girl’s to watch her shake her naked rump — then why would you have a problem with it now?

    Because you would have to know, that your precious one is going to want to look and act like Beyonce and all the other women that have chosen to prostitute themselves to the industry. Were you telling your daughter that the way Beyonce acts is not acceptable . . . or were you shaking and grinding right along with her?

    And as you can see from the above ads, the Knowles family is not prejudiced — it’s all about the equal opportunity to turn everybody’s daughter out. From the Americas to Japan!

    And just in case you haven’t noticed “The House of Dereon” sounds like the name of a “Whore House”.

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