Remy Ma & Makeda Barnes-Joseph on Hot97 Speaking to Miss Jones

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It’s pretty clear from the comments on this video that no one supports Remy Ma. In fact almost 90% of the comments on this video agreed that Remy Ma should go to jail and some even stated that 8 years was a lite sentence. Fact of the matter is that regardless of what happened in the car, Remy Ma had no right to pull out a gun and shoot someone. Theft is not a justification for attempted murder. She is very luck that Makeda Barnes-Joseph didn’t die cause she would be facing even worser charges. Remy should have thought about her child who will now be without his mother for 8 years.

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  • Jasminee Boss
    April 18, 2011

    . okay MAKEDA IS LYING ! listen to this again first she said that they was already out the car then she said FELL OUT THE CAR ! like bitch shut the fuck up , your a fucking liar !! now she wanna cry come on now you dont even know remy , yall wasnt friends like okay be serious yall probably was in the car but no one cares YOUR A FUCKING LIAR MAKEDA !!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP 🙂
    -sincerely , jasminee boss

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