Mariah Carey at Operation Smile

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It's All Smiles For Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah is like fuck it I’m married so what..look at my pretty ring. Mariah and Nick made another appearance as a happy couple at the Operation Smile Event in NYC. Mariah is GLOWING with happiness. In fact I have a new found respect for her gangsta! The more I see them together the more that I think this is real and they will not get divorced. I’m expecting Mariah to pop a baby out in the next 2 years. Probably after she does a tour for this album.

Soooo….why can’t Beyonce and Jay-Z be the same way? Why is it still a secret? If I got married I’d be happy and letting everyone know. I’ve yet to see Beyonce flash her wedding right for everyone to see…what is up with those two?


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