Looks at the Failure of Niche Hip-Hop Social Networks

By Sunday, May 18, 2008 1 No tags Permalink 0 recently took a look at some of the niche Hip-hop social networks out there and the current state is very grim. Prohiphop took,,, and and compared them against and came up with this chart via

As we can see from this chart Global Grind is coming out on top but only after taking a nose dive from a big Jan. 08 traffic spike. The traffic has fallen by 50% but still comes out on top for the time being. The other social networks traffic really don’t even make a major dent or noise in the online web space. With a ton of other sites out there doing millions of page views a month these Hip-hop asocial networks need to take a long hard look at this business model and their marketing plans.

The Global Grind won’t be king of the hill for to much longer as is making huge waves on the net. A comparison chart between the two urban/hip-hop bookmarking sites has them almost neck and neck in terms of unique visitors. shared with us their numbers openly and they are doing well over 1 million page views monthly and making a nice amount of cash on top of that. Global Grind might have Russell Simmions on their side but has the ear of the people and 1000% growth rate making them the one to watch.

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    May 19, 2008

    I join black savvy way back when. Are they still in BETA? Anyway, I never go over there because I never “got” it. Don’t think I’ve checked the others or if I did just passed through. ‘Bout to go snoop around now. 🙂

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