eViplist vs Global Grind : Round 1

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I love doing urban site comparisons so without further delay it’s time to see who is better eViplist.com or GlobalGrind.com. So first for full disclosure I know people that work for both companies. I’ve had several conversations with the founder of eViplist.com and I have to say that there is no one I’ve met who is more passionate and serious about the urban online space then Eric. You can hear it in his voice that he 100% believes in what he is doing and proud of what he has created. He feels that there is room for all of these types of sites on the web and wants to see the Global Grind be successful.

Navarrow Wright is a former co-worker of mine during my days at BET.com. He was the CTO of BET.com and overseer of all things tech and web related to BET.com. He is the founder of the Global Grind and several of the employees at Global Grind are also ex-coworkers of mine.

Now for the good stuff.

eViplist is really taking off. The site is doing over 1 million page view monthly and rapidly growing. They newsletter is a MUST open everytime it hits my inbox. They have a great formula by promoting local area events and urban gossip, two of the things that the urban community is looking for most. The site has seen a huge growth spike and Eric shared with me their Google analytics numbers and it was very impressive. Nicolebitchie.com is one site who has seen over 3000 unique visitors coming from eViplist in one day by posting an article to the digg.com like system.

GlobalGrind has the benefit of having Russell Simmions and Def Jam on their site. But they seem to lack that streetcred that is helping to keep eViplist going. I’ve used the Global Grind several times and I often feel like no one is there or the stories don’t interest me enough to want to click or grind an article.

So how has each of the sites brought traffic to GreasyGuide.com? The true test of any sites like eViplist and GlobalGrind are how much traffic can they bring into a story for a site like mine. So this week I will do a test. I’m going to create a post and eVipIt and Grind it. I will put the post on both sites and then this time next week, I will see just how much traffic each of the sites can really generate for an urban blog owner like me.


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