R. Kelly Sex Tape is Screened for Jury

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R. Kelly won’t be winning any awards for his latest video being screened in Chicago court rooms. The jury for his underage sex trial have finally be able to screen the sex tape that has caused controversy for many many years. The tape become available to the public many years ago and was available for purchase via bootlegers. In the top you see someone who looks very much like R. Kelly having sex with a girl, giving her money, and a golden shower.

However, after many years and many delays in this trial the Prosecution doesn’t have much of a case anymore. The girl who is suppose to be on the tape will not testify, the source of the tape itself is questionable, and the FBI was never able to prove that the man appearing on the tape was in fact R. Kelly. So if all goes well and there are no surprise witnesses R. Kelly should be able to end this case with a victory.


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