Hell Up in Harlem: 8 People Shot

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8 people where shot last night in Harlem and all within an hour of each other. The first shooting happened at 9:45 on Lenox and 130th. Then 30 minutes later 6 teens where shot by Marcus Garvey Park. Then another was shot on 131st st. All of the victims are excepted to recover.

Being a Harlem resident this type of thing is very alarming to me. I heard all of the police running up and down the streets of Harlem last night for hours looking to see who might have done what. Now that the summer is coming and kids will be out of school, I hope there are jobs and programs to help our youth become productive citizens and not be out in the streets all hours of the night. And while bad things do happen I hope us Harlem folks take this as a sign to help get it together. Cause gentrification is coming fast and furious on these Harlem blocks and with reports like this, it only makes it that much easier for the powers that be to move out the bad elements and turn 125th st into another Times Square.

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  • Bernie
    May 27, 2008

    But by the same token, maybe a few more incidents and the gentrification will stop!

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