Rachael Ray Ad Pulled over a Fashionable Scarf

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If you walk the streets of NYC you’ll see many guys and girls rocking a “palestinian scarf.” These scarfs have been fashion statements in New York for years. But if was until a few days ago that the scarf became the center of controversy via an ad with Rachael Ray. As you can see in the photo above Rachael Ray is wearing a scarf in that current fashion trend but it is not that same type of scarf that can be seen in the streets of NYC. Her scar is more of something you would find in H&M.


The real scarf can be found via street vendors down on E. 8th street or on 125th st. This photo of Kanye West is more accurate of the style in which New Yorkers are rocking the scarfs. So whoever was the idiot to think that the scarf Rachael Ray was wearing is anyway connected to Iraq, or terrorist just doesn’t know their fashion. But also shame on Dunkin Doughnuts for not have the balls to carry on with the photo and doing their homework behind the fashion trend.

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