Rza Launches Wu-Chess for $48 a Year…Would You Pay?

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I don’t knock the hustle of Rza trying to get into the online gaming and webspace. But for $48 a year I don’t think he’s going to get many conversions on his business. We talked about WuChess a few months ago when we got the press release. The site is now live but in order to partcipate you have to buy a membership. That’s not the strongest of business models when you have competition from other gaming sites that offer free chess with thousands of players and rewards. The selling point to this site is that you get mp3 and free videos to watch. But I’m sorry Bobby Digital your target audience isn’t going to buy into this. You need to make the service free and then offer an upgraded membership for additional content or prize pools.
  • Ty
    June 3, 2008

    I agree with you 100%. I was actually pretty interested in the WuChess concept. And even started to register, until I got to the $48 registration fee. Which ground my enthusiasm to a halt.

    Yeah right, like I’m going to pay $48 for what I can easily get for free on many other sites.

  • Brandon
    June 12, 2008

    I agree as well; I went as far as Ty did before stopping at the $48 annual fee. It’s not much, but it’s much more than comparable sites such as Chess.com, which run on the exact model sited in the article. Make your money from advertising or premium memberships, but build your user base with free basic memberships.

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