Usher’s “Here I Stand” Downloaded over 500,000 Times..Go Usher!

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Don’t be mad Usher but the world of music has changed. Usher’s newest album, “Here I Stand” which featured the song “Love In This Club” was downloaded 554,716 times from BitTorrent. Now they are saying that this is going to cost Usher millions in royalties but think about how much money they saved from their marketing budget. Usher is going to come in at #1 on the Billboard charts this week and they money the saved on market can go to other projects.

Billboard needs to change the way it measures music. Young people do not go out and buy CD’s from stores. 90% of us either by from iTunes or we download it from BitTorrent or RapidShare. How much is Usher really making from each record? Madonna makes the most probably but I can’t see Usher getting a whole lot per record.

Artist need to get their fans the music and then let them buy other stuff like tickets, t-shirts, box sets, and more. They will make much more money that way instead of worrying about downloads.


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