Apple Announces 3G+GPS iPhone, A Skinny Steve Jobs, and DS Lite is in Trouble

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Today at the Apple WWDC conference Steve Jobs and the Apple Inc. team launched the new 3G iPhone. This new version of the iPhone, or iPhone 2, as some people are calling it will produce faster web surfing speeds. They also souped up the software allowing for the iPhone to function more as a business device. You’ll be able to do a ton of business stuff via your iPhone like look at a powerpoint presentation.

The 3G iPhone is Black and thinner at the edged with a full plastic back. IT’s 36% faster at loading pages then other phones and it loads a full page and not a piece of a page.

“We’re doing this with great battery life.” The 3G iPhone’s standby is
300 hours. 2G talk time is up to 10 hours from 8 hours. 3G talk time is
5 hours. (Jobs says other phones have about 3 hours.) Browsing, 5-6
hours of 3G browsing. Video is 7 hours, and audio is 24 hours.

TypePad will have it’s own iPhone app so that us bloggers on the go can mobile blog. When the iPhone app store launches it will be a free app to install. We need a wordpress app and we will be good to go.

Steve Jobs has lost at least 10lbs since the last time we saw him as he look much skinner then events of past.

But the demo of Super Monkey Ball is what blew everyone away. For $10 you can play high quality games on the iPhone 2.0. Super Monkey Ball will have 110 stages and should be ready for downloading at the launch of the iPhone App store. The DS uses the stylus to play but you can tip and tilt your iPhone to play Super Monkey ball. Should Nintendo be scared?

Yes the have real reason to be scared! Look at the graphics.
  • venus
    June 10, 2008

    DS lite is one of the most popular gaming console and it has its own fan following an d market share and no one can match it.

  • surfboards
    March 14, 2009

    I am totally impressed with this phone, I might go for it in a month or two, thanks a lot for posting about it!

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