Island Def Jam say they “Respect Janet”????? Fans Launching Janet Support Team

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Island Def Jam released a dumb statement today talking about the failed relationship between them and Janet Jackson. Last week Janet revealed that she was unhappy with the IDJ deal and wanted out! Now IDJ is firing back with a vague statement.

From IDJ:

“Unfortunately we haven’t experienced the results we would have liked with this new album. But we respect and support Janet.”

Translastion: Janet didn’t sale as much as we wanted in the first week. And since we don’t know how to market music anymore we dropped the ball on the album and decided to promote Mariah instead.

Janet Jackson if you are reading this blog do yourself a favor and get the exit clause ready from IDJ and get out of there. You can’t follow JD where ever he goes. You should sign to LiveNation, tour, and release any other albums via LiveNation. You don’t need a record label to be successful. You have a LONG career with tons awards and there is no shame in going indie and doing what you want to do by yourself.

And since I’m a HUGE Janet fan, is launching “Promoting Janet.” Our new 2008 campaign to help get Janet’s “Discipline” album to platinum status and to stick it to IDJ cause they SUCK! IF you would like to help visit and post your suggestions on how us fans can help our lady in her time of need.

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  • Anthony Townsend
    June 11, 2008

    I would like to comment on the Janet Jackson article. 1st I would like to say that I feel that it was important for her to have taken time and listen to what’s out here today. In taking time Janet would have found her balance in the market. She should not have come out with an album so soon after the failure of 2.0. in her transistion from virgin to idj, she should have demanded time to find the right producers that she admires and feels she has a connection with. She is not a young girl, but she is not an old woman either. She needs records that are going to do several things. They have to cross over and appeal to her core audience who i feel are females 25 to 40 years of age. In the past Janet Jackson always had a terrific set up single, or launch single for the album. That has not happen since Velvet Rope. Another thing is that Janet Jackson’s Tours sell her records. Just like Madonna, because they are performance artist, their shows make you go back and get those records. Finally, I feel janet should work with the following producers, Pharrell, R. Kelly, Raphael Saddiq, Akon or Timberland and resolve issues with Jam & Lewis. I am sure that this would change things for her. Also as much as I love JD, he is too close to the situation. He has a musical rapport with Mariah, not Janet. He does not fit her style musically.


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