Janet Jackson Needs Her Own Las Vegas Show

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Prince, Cher, Bette, Elton John, and many other well know artist have set up shop in Las Vegas. Toni Braxton just ended her stay in Las Vegas. So why doesn’t Janet go make a deal with one of the major hotels and set up shop in Las Vegas.

Janet is a visual artist and it’s best to see and experience her music live. I’ve been to everyone of her tours and it’s an amazing experience. So what if Janet took her skills and show to some place like MGM Grand or New York, NY in Las Vegas and set up shop.

There she could put on her show her way and she would be one of the hot tickets on the strip. I could easily see MGM Grand giving Janet about about 120 mil. if not more to be the feature artist at the hotel and she would not have to deal with the shady music industry. Hell she could even pop a nipple out if she wanted to and no one would think twice in Las Vegas.

I know as a fan I would want to go she this show as many time as possible. Plus think of how much money she would make on people buying her past albums in the gift shop, her t-shirts, and other items. She would make a killing. Think about it Janet!

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  • jayvee
    June 10, 2008

    I agree. Janet also needs to go the indie distribution route — I’m OVER IDJ.

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