Sucks Cause TV Sucks

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There has been a lot of talk recently about how is the YouTube killer and how YouTube is scrambling to make money. But I’ve had my account since the site went into private beta and sorry but it’s just not that interesting cause..truth be told TV sucks. Going through the list of online TV shows on I rarely find anything that I would spend my time watching. Unless I really want to spend my time watching reruns of are you Smarter then a 5th Grader or Paradise Hotel 2, then I just don’t see what the hoopla is over Hulu.

And the movie selection is extra lame at best. I enjoy my free movies and anime via Netflix way better then watching anything on Hulu. So don’t believe the hype. Hulu still sucks, has no community element to it what so ever, no cool video clips of crazy people acting silly, no music video from 1975 that I love to watch over and over again. So don’t believe what you read by online analyst. Hulu still sucks!


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