Is Hip-Hop Dead or Lil’ Wayne Just Lucky?

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Moving 1 million albums in a week is a big accomplishment these days. So you can’t knock Lil’ Wanye cause you don’t like his music. He now has the ability to write his own ticket and make as much money as he wants to. But you have to admit that it was the internet and the buzz around the album that helped to get him at this level. Dropping the album on Bittorrent, and don’t say it was leaked, helped to let the teens and his fans know that the album was good. I haven’t listened to the album but I’m impressed by what he was able to do. Now other artist need to learn from Lil’ Wayne and get their stuff together.

So Hip-Hop isn’t dead it’s alive and well and we have just witness a passing of the flame as Lil’ Wayne is now the #1 rapper giving the south full bragging rights.

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