Blogging Tips: Cheap Web Hosting

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Today I was on doing some research on cheap webhosting. I know many of you are beginner bloggers and are wondering how to get started. Most of you will select the cheapest web hosting service you can find. I myself only pay about $4 a month for my hosting services. But then you might ask am I getting what I pay for? Is it ok to buy a cheap web hosting or multiple domain web hosting service and will it benefit my needs as a blogger?

The article “Finding Cheap Web Hosting That Is Reliable” shines some light on this very topic. And what they mainly address is not so much about cost of the web hosting but finding a web hosting service that can trouble shoot problems and that has good customer service ratings. The hosting service you buy into needs to have 24-hour support. I know with my site it has gone down many time in the past due to spam. But once I switched over to a better and cheaper service and installed spam blocking software I haven’t had any more problems. But my old hosting service LOVED to shut down my website with out any warning.

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