Ice-T and His Son Diss Soulja Boy Again!

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Ice-t is at it again. What’s going on with the beef between Ice-T and Soulja Boy. That have been going back and forth with each other on the net and this is the latest response from Ice-T.

Oh man you gotta love rappers…they make life so much fun.

What’s up with the beef between Ice-T and Soulja boy?

  • Andrew
    June 22, 2008

    That is hilarious. I’m on Soulja Boy’s side though. Sorry.

  • Peanut Butter's Milf
    June 22, 2008

    I can’t… in so many ways… I just can’t.

    June 24, 2008

    law and order contract should be canceled for telling a minor to suck his dick! he should know better and stay in his place as a grown man, he’s no role mole but a undercove—- you know what—-come on out of the closet, T

    June 24, 2008

    resubmitted with type-s corrected
    Ice T’s Law and Order contract should be canceled for telling a minor to suck his dick! He should know better and stay in his place as a grown man, he’s no role model, but a undercover—- you know what—-, come on out of the closet, T… The movie “Hustle and Flow” is Ice T’s life for real …. He has real issues that have never been settled, he is very angry about his roots, therefore he is mad at the world, all his trappings, cars, bitches, whores, clothes, FRN’S, will never fill the emptiness he has inside, he always been a wannbe, will never be the person(s) he portrays in the public eye!!
    Bow out gracefully Mr. T, your game been over, count your blessing gotten this far despite your hatred for real strong woman because Coco is not! Your true colors are coming out!!

  • real life warrior
    June 25, 2008

    hardly sold out, Ice T is simply telling the truth, If soulja boy rapped this b.s. in the 90’s he would have had tomatoes and eggs thrown at him, but unfortunately most weak and pathetic Americans are too dumb to notice that, When Tupac and Biggie died so did rap, don’t forget niggas like Pac man, that’s why he still is and always will be the best selling hip hop artist ever, I’ll give Soulja Boy another couple of years at the most before he fades away, remember KRS One versus Nelly, who won that one, and speaking of which where the heck is Nelly?

  • Droman
    June 25, 2008

    Fuck That Nikka im With Ice T anyone else that disagree you can suck a dick

  • ATL's No1
    July 22, 2008

    Ice T………… You are an Old Fool is why you coming back. You lame as phuck! You let a 18 yr old piss you off. Anyway Souljah Boy got the whole world rockin you old yeller hater! People love his lyrics. You so old and dumb you probably dont know what he saying. You outta pocket and you aint no role model. Your son is garbage. He needs to saty in place! ATL for life…..Haters die slow!

  • ATL's No1
    July 22, 2008

    was that you retarded sons 15 mminute. You YOU YOU had to give it to him. Souljah Boy tell em……..

  • Jimmy Kanada
    September 5, 2008

    So what does soulja boy rap about??? Dumb mess like Booty Meat, Crank Dat, and Soulja Girl on some R&B twist… And what makes it even worse is when he tries to act like he a true thug with songs like shoot out and pistol play… Now do real thugs really dance and hop around like what i see in his videos?? If he is keeping it true to himself and his gay lookin style or what eva… Then why would he feel the need to put on this fake gangsta image??? Hmmm… Seems like he being phony to me… Maybe thats the reason why Ice T dissed him so hard… Soulja boy has been dissed by some of the biggest icons and legends in hip hop… Because he is f***ing up Hip Hop’s legacy… And look at all the disses he gets on U Tube… I dont respect him or his music… just my right to my opinion.. I dont feel that wack B.S…

  • Jimmy Kanada
    October 22, 2008

    Yo whats wrong with yall fools man?? Soulja boy is the fakest rapper out… The reason why i

    say that is because… He made songs like “shoot out” and “pistol play” trying to put

    himself out there like he is a true thug or a real G from the streets… He aint no real

    street thug… He grew up no more street than a country house dog on a farm… So why would he

    make a song like “Pistol Play” like he is really a G down for the 187?? Can any one of you

    fools answer that?? I see crystal clear why Ice T dissed that monkey and I agree 100%…

    Soulja Boy’s lyrics are about nothing but a bunch of repetitive chants and catch phrases

    that are insignificant to the essence of pure talent in hip hop…and his whole image looks

    gay with that funny looking super man dance or WTF ever the sold out shuffle is called!!!


  • lindsay
    September 21, 2011

    i know this is old, but Ice-T looks like an old a** FOOL in that video! he looks ridiculous at 50 something years old with his locs on and talking all “gangsta” to an 18 (at the time) year old kid! the bottom line is this- its not the 90s anymore! music, taste in fashion ect-it all changes whether YOU like the changes or not ! soulja boy is selling records-lots of them-and some old 90s rapper that cant stand that hip-hop is not in the same exact place that it was in 15-20 years is not gonna change that! Ice needs to sit his old a** down! and his son talking sh*t is comical-he’s around the same age as soulja boy but he sure as hell aint doing big things like soulja boy! maybe thats what Ice is REALLY mad about-the fact that he doesnt have a son like soulja boy who is successfull and making money! Ice, just go away….and take that cow of a wife (who thinks we want to see her big fat jiggly buttt all the time) with you!

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