Free Music: The Cool Kids EP “That’s Stupid!”

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These Chicago hip-hop throwbacks just released an official EP, The Bake Sale, but they’re already moving on to the next thing. The duo leaked a brand new EP called That’s Stupid! onto the net yesterday, and it’s full of the same refreshingly simple beats and rhymes that originally made them hipster heroes. “Full & Paid” is a stellar tribute to rap legends Eric B. & Rakim — the song’s beat sounds like an inverted version of Eric B.’s classic “Paid in Full” instrumental with a robot synth line thrown on top. The cymbal crashes are in full effect. And rapper Mikey Rocks let us know he’s not hurting for cash right now: “I said, Fuck a 9-to-5, ’cause if I rhyme I can get paid all the time.” Sound logic.

Listen to the song here and download the mixtape here.

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