The Sheila Files: Is Usher Ready to re-hire his Mom Jonetta Patton?

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While “Here I Stand” pulled in 430,000 plus albums it’s first week, Usher is reported to be super pissed that he was beaten out by Lil’ Wayne. Rumor has it that Usher is ready to re-hire his mother Jonetta Patton and kick Benny Medina to the curb. But maybe Usher should re-hire his mom has his manager but that will not change how the youth market sees him now. Usher is now a married man, has a baby, and is out of touch with what the youth market is looking for today. Usher’s coolness factor has gone down a lot and “Love In This Club” is not really the best track to carry a new album on. People know Usher for his high energy dance hits and that’s what the kids are looking for. If the beat isn’t there then they move on to the next track and “Love In This Club” didn’t really get it for a lot of people. Nore did Usher use the Internet is the right way. He just throw up a site and let it be. There was no really big marketing push to get people excited about Usher. So don’t be made cause Lil’ Wayne is on top.

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