Obama Camp Outraged at Tasteless New Yorker Magazine Cover

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Who ever said this could be the cover of the current issue of the New Yorker is CRAZY and should be fired! Obama and his team where not to happy about this cover and I think they are 100% right. This is totally tasteless and just goes to show you that a lot has not changed in our society.

  • Musicguy
    July 14, 2008

    Meanwhile, the fundies and a good percentage of the rethugs, are smiling their a$$es off.

  • ~olga~
    July 16, 2008

    I started writing this yesterday, but had to put it aside momentarily, but here’s the situation: Undercurrent racism has reared it’s ugly head again and again, but this time under the guise of a so called “reputable” magazine”, why am I not surprised…well, you showed your true colors didn’t you (New Yorker). This in no way is cute, and by no means is it equittable to the Obama family, where in this day and age where some of us continue to fight so hard to be an example of instilling “family structure”, and how important it is…This display of magazine buffoonery towards the good Obama family was truly a biased attack to keep the nay sayer’s pumped up with their negative injections towards him. I am not the least surprised, especially when you live through undercurrent racism every day. So for those of you that have the audacity to think that this is humorous, it’s not. Heads should roll for this unfair portrayal, and this irresponsible depiction of President Elect Barack Obama and it should be removed from the stands that are selling it. Shame on all parties responsible, and behind this defacing of two good United States citizens. I hope that you realize that we the people of these United States will not stand for the undercurrent racism anywhere…not acceptable guys. What happened to fiduciary?

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