Ghetto Latte Causes Controversy, Blog Fights, and Possible Nut Punches

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So first you might be asking what is a Ghetto Latte? Well the art of ghetto latte goes back a bit and has to do with saving a bit of money on your $6-8 ice coffee drink from Starbucks. First let me say that Starbucks is way over priced and they get exactly what they deserve business wise for trying to get every dollar out of their customers. So what you do is you buy a regular sized Americano with no water and half ice. Then you go to the condiment bar and add half and half to the mix. By add it yourself you save about $5 cause Starbucks will charge you more for all the extras.

So how did this all evolve into a blog posting war with threats of punches to a customers balls and a coffee shop fire?

But now since Starbucks is in crisis and closing stores left and right they want to cut out people being about to come in and whip up their on Ghetto Lattes. Some stores are not allowing you to add Half and Half at the condiments counter anymore. The controversy over ghetto latte has hit the net and been featured on

One Jeff Simmermon was told by a Murky Coffee Barista that he couldn’t take his espresso and dump it over ice. It was against Murky Coffee policy. Jeff left the store owner a nasty message in the tip jar and left. So the store owner left a nastier message on the net which reads:

Dear Jeff Simmermon,

So as you’ve seen, there’s a little blog-thing going around today on BoingBoing and Metafilter about some sort of incident at the shop this past weekend.

(Original blog post here. Also blogged here and here.)

I suppose some sort of two-cents is warranted here.

Okay, we don’t do espresso over ice. Why? Number one, because we don’t do it. Number two, because we don’t do it. Mostly for quality reasons. Also, because more than half the time, it’s abused (Google “ghetto latte”).

We have some policies at murky coffee. No sleeping in the shop. If you’re asleep, you’ll be tapped on the shoulder and asked not to sleep in the shop. We’ve had to ban a customer because of his chronic napping.

No modifications to the Classic Cappuccino. No questions will be answered about the $5 Hot Chocolate (during the months we offer it). No espresso in a to-go cup. No espresso over ice. These are our policies. We have our reasons, and we’re happy to share them.

To others reading this I will say that if you don’t like the policies, I respectfully recommend that you find some other place that will give you what you want, or select something that we can offer you. David, the barista in question, is respectful, passionate, and cares about making good coffee, and he cares about murky’s policies. Nobody’s perfect, and maybe David could have chosen different words or a slightly different tact in responding to Jeff Simmermon’s request. But that’s life. At murky, we try to treat people with common courtesy, and expect the same from our customers. Not in response or in turn, but because that’s how people are supposed to treat each other. We’re not supposed to go through life looking for reasons to get pissed off. Life’s too short for that sort of thing.

To Mr. Simmermon, you overplayed your hand with your vulgar tip-schtick. While I certainly won’t bemoan you your right to free-speech, I have to respond to you in your own dialect: Fuck you, Jeff Simmermon. Considering your public threat of arson, you’ll understand when I say that if you ever show your face at my shop, I’ll punch you in your dick.

Owner, murky coffee

Wow! Talk about good customer service. Nick Cho’s FAQ seems even more nasty then his open letter. He doesn’t care about settling the issue in a professional manner and has sunken to level of bad customer service that I’ve never seen before. But I guess that what lead to Nick Cho not paying $400,000 in back taxes on his first Murky Coffee location and the Fed.’s forcing it to close down.

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